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Audition A Memoir Audio Book Review

Audition: A Memoir: Will Barbara Walters’ Tell-All Audio Book Keep you Captivated?  

Barbara Walters is a television icon.  She’s been on our TV’s for what seems like forever.  She’s pioneered the way for female television anchors that were to follow her, and inspired nearly each and every one of them in some way.  She’s interviewed just about every VIP from entertainment, politics, royalty, and business that there is.   

With Barbara’s track record as a go-getter, we expect that she’ll get all the big interviews that are to come on the horizon, and she usually lives up to that expectation, sometimes even with exclusives.  She’s been paving her way since the 1950’s and she’s still going strong today in her 70’s.  So why then did she feel compelled to expose her life…warts and all…when she could have bowed out gracefully and fancifully?   

I supposed it could be the fact that she demands the same candor from herself as she does her guests.  It must be from her compulsion to be relentless in her interviews (and her life in general) that she even demands that all of the secrets come out of her own self.  

Either way, her Walters’ already bestselling “Audition: A Memoir” fulfills every wish that one might have in reading a book based on the life.  She’s been a staple of our lives for all these years and naturally we’re quite curious about the backstory.   

We certainly would want to hear about her tough life growing up with a father, Lou Walters’s… owner of the legendary night club Latin Quarter… whose career continuously teetered on failure from one review to the next.  Barbara led an endlessly wandering life following her father’s ventures from Boston, to New York, and on to Miami.  We learn that this untypical childhood led to her constant concern of feeling and fearing that her own career and success was always threatened.  Hence the name of her book, she deems her life as a constant and never ending “Audition”.   

We would also want to know of course about the men in Walters’ life.  What kind of man does Barbara Walters date?  We certainly would want to know about the married Senator Edward Brooke and Barbara’s life as his mistress…that’s for damn sure.  And of course if Barb had been on a date with now former, (then future) Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan we’d probably be more than welcoming to hear all about that.  Barbara lets us in on this in her memoir so she certainly doesn’t let us down in the area of her love life.  We even get to hear about her relationship with John Warner, the Southern Senator who was once married to Elizabeth Taylor.   

Basically Barbara Walters has written the book about all that we would and could ever want to know about her…only including things that we would not in a million years expect.  This frank honesty keeps you riveted…and with the audio book you’ll never want to hit stop and be forced to wait for what she’s going to reveal next.  

For instance, as Barbara gives all the nitty-gritty details of her interviews over the last 50 years, we get to hear the behind the scenes stories about her interviewees and the things that was going on in Barbara’s mind before, during, and after.  And all this time, we thought she was just trying to get them to cry!   The funny thing is that you would think that this would be the most interesting part of the book for most people.  And though it is completely fascinating, it lacks in comparison to the details of Barbara’s life itself.   

She let’s us in on chapters of her life that were very difficult to get through, and as you listen you realize how difficult it must have been to even write about.  We hear about her relationship with her mentally disabled sister, whose life surprisingly became a great ordeal in Barbara’s young life, yet taught her some very valuable lessons leading into her adult life and career.  Also chronicled is her relationship with her adopted daughter and the tumultuous relationship that they’ve been through, between running away and drug addiction.   

And yes…we even get to hear about “The View” and some of the drama that we’ve all heard about and witnessed there….named Rosie!  To her tremendous credit Barbara is very upfront and candid with her thoughts on all of this.   

In conclusion, Barbara Walters has led a life in the public that many would envy, and a life in the private that many would be glad that they didn’t have to.  Her life is about as much of a paradox as their can be…but seeing her come out on top as she has, makes it not only titillating but inspiring and motivating.  “Audition: A Memoir” is one audio book that you won’t want to end.