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Cross (Alex Cross) Audio Book

What more can you say about a guy who’s sold over 150 million books world-wide, and is responsible for roughly 1 out of 17 book purchases made?  What kind of book do you expect when it’s coming from the man who holds the record at the New York Times Best Sellers List for most best selling titles of all time?    

You just expect that whatever you’re getting is going to be a tremendous story, that’s going to keep you riveted.  When you’re listening to an audio book you expect that whatever else you have going on at the time of listening is eventually going be held-up because the stories are just so good that you can’t break away.  James Patterson knows exactly how to keep you glued to his pages, or keep your butt in the car seat while the CD plays on, while everyone else waits for you to get out…no matter where you are.  

That’s how you end up with 19 consecutive #1 New York Times hardcover bestsellers.

You simply write books like “Cross”.   

This book, in the series of forensic psychologist Alex Cross stories, tells the story of how Cross has made the tough decision to set his career aside and finally retire to fatherhood.  However, of course things in life never turn out the way you expect, or maybe it could be argued that in Cross’ case it did, and his newfound retirement is very short lived.   

The person that messes up his grand decision is Michael Sullivan…arguably one of the most horrible serial rapist and murderers that Cross, or anyone for that matter, has ever had the displeasure to deal with.  

Sullivan pulls his victims in by messing with their psyches until they feel like they’re secure with the ruthless killer.  He then ruthlessly brutalizes them and eventually takes their lives in a very disgusting manner.  

In Patterson’s true nightmarish fashion, Cross discovers that his wife’s murder, who was killed ten years ago, is linked to Sullivan.   

Alex Cross’ wife, shot to death still haunts Alex… and the fact that he wasn’t able to solve her murder for all of these years is nearly too-much-to-handle for Alex.  He needs closure on this in a desperate way, but didn’t want to find it this way.  Revealed in the pages is the way that Cross puts two and two together, and intertwines the facts of his wife’s murder with a woman that she was counseling prior to her death. This woman was brutally raped, and so deathly scared of her rapist that she wouldn’t dare give up needed information on him to solve the crime.

After 10 years, the cops notice a pattern and understand that it’s a serial rapist’s work that they’re seeing.  When Cross is called onto the case because of his brilliant track record, his expertise, and his immense yearning to avenge his wife’s death, the author takes you on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions.    

Of course it wouldn’t be a James Patterson book without the twist and turn endings that we’ve come accustomed to now would it?  You’ll be quite surprised by the ending and in awe of how Patterson was able to pull it off.   

The audio book is narrated by both Peter Jay Fernandez…the usual voice of Cross in Patterson’s Cross series, as well as Jay O. Sanders who portrays the voice of the psychopathic Sullivan.  Sanders will scare you out of your wits with his interpretation of the character.  

Cross is a fast paced thrilling listen, that’s delivered in the normal twist and turn Patterson style.  You’ll enjoy every minute of this audio and be kept glued to the speakers.