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A Short History of Nearly Everything

Have you ever wondered about how the heck all of this stuff got here in our world…or even more so, in our universe?  Bill Bryson did … the only difference is that he went on a three year hunt for the answers, and wrote down everything he learned in an over 500 page book that’s actually very entertaining to read.  Not many people can do that with scientific type of stuff…just look in your old high school text books and you can clearly see that. 

Yet Bryson has a distinct way of making learning all of this normally mundane material fun.  He’s done the same thing for years and years for us with his travel articles and books.  Bryson was born in America, moved to New Zealand at a young age, from there went to live in Britain with his wife and 4 kids, and has since made the good old USA home once again.  


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