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Audition A Memoir Audio Book Review

Barbara Walters is a television icon.  She’s been on our TV’s for what seems like forever.  She’s pioneered the way for female television anchors that were to follow her, and inspired nearly each and every one of them in some way.  She’s interviewed just about every VIP from entertainment, politics, royalty, and business that there is.   

With Barbara’s track record as a go-getter, we expect that she’ll get all the big interviews that are to come on the horizon, and she usually lives up to that expectation, sometimes even with exclusives.  She’s been paving her way since the 1950’s and she’s still going strong today in her 70’s.  So why then did she feel compelled to expose her life…warts and all…when she could have bowed out gracefully and fancifully?   

I supposed it could be the fact that she demands the same candor from herself as she does her guests.  It must be from her compulsion to be relentless in her interviews (and her life in general) that she even demands that all of the secrets come out of her own self.  


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