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Great American Stories Ten Unabridged Classics

We all understand how important it is to read the literary classics by those authors who have shaped the American literature scene to what it is today.  We know how crucial it is to experience those works that make us think, make us dig deeper into our own lives and psyches, and force us to contemplate life as we know.  This done through the eyes of characters from years past – brought to us by authors who have molded so many great minds and thinkers of present times.  

Authors like Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), Stephen Crane, Ambrose Bierce, and Jack London should be and often are required reading in so many schools in our great nation, yet so many of there best pieces have past us by.   

However, even though we know that we’re doing ourselves a great disservice by not indulging in these classic works, it’s very difficult for us to get the opportunity to force ourselves to sit with a book of yester-year, when life zooms past us daily at what seems like a thousand miles per hour.  Not to mention the fact that between the internet, and other forms of media, giving ourselves the gift of literatures early works tends to take a backseat to the more hurried pace of timely “new releases” of today.  


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